Friday, September 22, 2006

Looking for Submissions!

Uptown Books aims to publish eight chapbooks a year of a single, illustrated short story.

Submission Guidelines

Contact: Send all submissions and questions to the Editors at

Submission Periods: We read year-round but, since our schedule is tied up with the education cycle, may be delayed during the end of semester time.


The Writing We Are Looking For: We want good writing, period. We publish short fiction only, 1500-2500 words. Our preference is for stories that like to take risks while being well made. Prose poems, flash fiction, and other non-genre type works are welcome. Fabulist stories are especially sought, though science fiction is not. Boring, theoretical stories and those that rely on “ism’s” to get their point across are not needed. Of course, because we illustrate each book, stories that have a strong visual element are essential.

Cover Letters: We are happy to know a little bit about you, but don’t agonize over cover letters. We are much more interested in your writing or illustration than in where you went to school and who you know.

How to Label Your Submissions: Please address your email as follows:


Please include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address in your email. You may submit the story as a Word doc (.doc) or RTF document, or in the body of your email.

Simultaneous Submissions: We understand that your literary fame is not dependent on publishing with us, so we accept simultaneous submissions. We just ask that you have some manners about notifying us if you are accepted elsewhere. Don’t make us look like dorks and have us publish a piece that is being published elsewhere. Also, we prefer to publish only original work that has not appeared anywhere else, including online.


All of our books are illustrated with cover art. Additionally, some stories allow room for internal illustrations. Black-and-white illustrations with simple lines, work that is easily reproducible, are what we look for. All of our books at this time are 4.25 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall.

Please send us samples (JPG are best) of your work or a link to online material. Also, if you have special considerations, like a time of year you cannot accept an assignment or you need a long lead time, please let us know up front.

If we are interested in having you illustrate a story, then, after we have accepted a story for publication, we will send you the story to read over and let you know what the deadlines would be for publication. If you would like to illustrate that story, let us know as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will contact other artists. After you accept a story, you will then have the opportunity to communicate with the author, if you wish, to develop the final illustrations.

Notification: We hope to respond to you as soon as possible. If we have your piece for more than three months and you want to know what is going on, feel free to e-mail us at the address above and address your email as INQUIRY.

Notification Method: We notify everyone by e-mail. Please be sure the address you send from is the one we should email you back at.

Payment and Copyright: We would love to pay you with money, but we don’t have any. Like many other small publishers, we pay you with copies. Unlike some publsihers, we give you lots of copies (10). If you don't want or need ten copies, we will donate your copies to someone (like a coffeeshop or a really, really avid but poor reader.) You retain all rights to your work, although we do ask that if the work is published elsewhere, you acknowledge Uptown Books as the one who saw how great you were first.